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Hi Whitley,

Whitley Wrote:
> As there are numerous witnesses who also had
> physical contact at my cabin, and an implant in my
> left ear that has not only been studied but which
> I also use as a research tool,

> The witnesses are named in my books and there is a
> video of the attempt to remove the implant on my
> website

What a friggin' souvenir! Can you tell us anything about its chemical composition or something of that sort?

I was
> also raped on the night of December 26, 1985 and,
> although this is considered a joke by most people,
> I was under treatment due to the injuries
> sustained for many years. So something happened.

I certainly do NOT consider it a joke, nor do I question your interpretation.

. As to who is behind all these
> experiences, I'm not sure, but I am involved with
> them to this day. What started out violently has
> evolved into a rich and welcome relationship. It
> is very much part of my life.

How can you evolve a relationship from that after being forcibly raped and in subsequent pain for many years? Could you explain? Did they ever explain why they did that?

I am quite certain
> that there is a reality to my experiences.

I would think that there is, Whitley. If I may ask, I wonder what you might think about an experience I once had around ten years ago. I suddenly woke up around 530 or so one morning in spring, and saw an alien standing at the foot of my bed looking straight at me. He was pretty much the standard grey size, but his eyes were human - and I was shocked to see a striking facsimile not long after.

Somehow, upon waking my immediate initial impression was that I had surprised the alien by being awake. There was no fear, and we looked at each other for a few seconds and then he gently hissed, as if to playfully pretend he was a dangerous creature - which he very clearly was not - while saying with his eyes to me "you're pretty scary looking too bub!" And that was the last thing I remembered before falling back to sleep.
I told my wife when we woke up later on that morning. She laughed. I marvelled for quite some time over how intelligent his hiss had been, such a friendly and brilliant way to leave a lasting friendly impression.

To this day I do not know if I was in a dream state or if I literally saw an alien, or if I connected with an alien on a parallel plane of wavelength - that being why the alien had been surprised to see me see him fully awake.
Throughout the whole scene my bedroom definitely looked entirely normal. There was none of that weird dream stuff or imagery or non continuity.
Stoking my interest further, was the fact that this occurred during a rare season of my life. Sometime around late 2006 I began to get the feeling that some anonymous source was reaching out to me telepathically, so to speak. The means of conveyance was largely symbolic, suffice it to say, and consistently about creating links to earlier events in my life that I would call mystical.

This did not happen every day, but more than often enough to convince me, after a few months, that a very deliberate thing was ongoing. This theme was echoed twice, with respect to alien visitor, real or imagined. The first bombshell came a few weeks or months later, I can't recall when. I was digging around on the internet when suddenly, upon generating a page I found myself looking at an alien that looked just like the one that I saw at the foot of my bed, with one exception. My guy's eyes were hazel, not grey. For quite some time they reminded me of Queen Victoria'. I'm sure you will know the face, as it was on the cover a a book written by Lloyd Pye: the Starchild Skull.

Quite the mind-fuck, but as I said this came during a rare season in my life, when I had the strange feeling that some anonymous and highly capable source (obviously) was reaching out to me on an ongoing albeit intermittent basis. So, there were other m-f's to think about, in other words, and strange as this may sound it wasn't long before my mind became occupied with other strange occurrences. At the time I was taking a year-long business course, which enabled me to entered the film and television industry as an extra or background performer. The process I am describing continued into that 'theatre' of experience until I became utterly convinced that somebody was directing me to certain sets, for reasons that had to do with my past and then present (and later future). I think I finally accepted that interpretation of things by the winter of 2008.

Pardon me if I'm rambling, but I would like to share a story before I return to the experience of that alien at the foot of my bed, as it most certainly relates to the experience itself.

Shortly after I began working as an extra, in the summer of 2007, I was called to Stargate Atlantis. I don't follow the story, but there were around ten of us that day who were made up like 'wraiths'. It took all morning before everybody was finally ready, and along came some vans to drive us to set. I hopped in the last one, and before we drove off some guy jumped in. It was Jason Mamoa, who I think had been a bartender on a TV show called North Shore or some such thing.
A few hundred yards later we arrived on set, which in this case was a large field that was hidden by the forest somewhere in Langley, a suburb of Vancouver. At the bottom of the field was a big circular tent.
The PA guy came along with his bullhorn before long, and told us our assignment for the day. We were to all stand close together and cheer wildly and triumphantly in the direction of the tent, in various parts of the field - right after our leader emerged from the tent, holding and then raising a decapitated head. The giant super massive green screen to our backs would enable editing to create a massive crowd scene. We were all being effectively cloned.
Anyhow, at the end of the shoot, which did not take long, bullhorn guy came up to me and asked I cared to stick around to be in the next scene. Definitely, I said. My main reason for getting in the extras business was to fill a bucket list item - being in the movies! But the food was always great and there was ample time to do my coursework in the holding tent.
There would only be two of us, the other being a guy with the curious name of 'Freedom', who had kindly told me a variety of things about being in the extra business. Our job was to escort some Queen Bee ET chick into the tent, and then hurl her on the carpeted ground where, after an obligatory monologue by our leader, she would be decapitated.
Freedom and I stood around for quite some time, and not ideally dressed for what was an unusually hot Vancouver day. Finally, and as these things go in Movieland, the more-important Queen Bee joined us only after the camera guys had phoned to say they were ready.
Our Queen Bee turned out to be tall, with a wicked sense of humour and significant strength, as I found out the moment we began rehearsing. I was to her right, Freedom her left. Locked arms. Upon entering the tent, it was my job to throw her to the ground.
So, that's what I did.
And when I did she looked straight back at me and hissed.
And in that moment, for the first time in some time I thought of that alien that I saw at the foot of my bed, who had so intelligently diffused matters by hissing at me in his friendly, highly intelligent way. (Season 4 episode 20 - and no, that is not a joke)
Another connection between my life and Movieland was firmly established, fitting an emerging pattern that would continue for months - not at every shoot, but in way more than one should expect if these things are purely random.

Whitley, if you are still there thanks for bearing with me.
As I said, I don't know what I saw but I am inclined to think it wasn't a dream, or at least an ordinary dream. Furthermore, it seems like an episode, to me, that 'someone' back-reference twice, through Lloyd Pye's Starchild Skull image and then through the hissing Queen Bee. And that in turn was part of a wider ongoing pattern that continued for several more years.

I would very much like to know what your take might be. I would guess that I can never know, one way or the other, if I had a literal physical visit on the morning in question. Or, if I connected with something very real on a parallel dimension or some such thing. Any thoughts?

Thank you, Poster Boy


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