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Welcome as Author of the month, dear Whitley Strieber.

Some years ago I got your books, 3 of them. 2 communication, 1 confirmation. All on my kindle reader.
They really scared me! Made me scared of the dark! I live in the Australian country side, far out enough to not having street lights, which I am very happy about. I used to be stargazing a lot, but not any more. I have now seen the stars, and too many trees have grown in the horizon, beyond my control. I am also now 87 years old, so I stay indoor at night.

But your books have made me a bit scared of the dark, as said before. My son jokes that it would be odd if any aliens would want to come and visit me! True!

But I have also read other books about "skinwalkers" and that ranch with all the spooky happenings. I think your new book is about that too?
Anyway, I bought it, to my kindle, and have only just started reading it. Best not to read it just before going to bed!

I do believe in life in another dimension, like when we are "dead" = dead to this world, but alive in the other one. I believe in some children remembering when they left that other world to be born here in this, and it must have been like "dying" in that other world.

I immigrated to Australia from Denmark when still young, a mother, with small children, divorced, but with an uncle here. We have never regretted it. But in a way it must have been for my Danish family like we had died, as the phone system was very poor in those days, likewise the postal system.

My present age makes me having one foot in the grave as the saying goes, but I am still healthy and hoping for a few more years, as I still have things I want to do.

Will I be scared to change living quarters once more? Was I scared when immigrating? Sometimes, but I was too busy and also young.

If I am scared of aliens and all that, why do I keep reading about it? Not always, just sometimes, but of course I could not resist to buy your book! :).

Kind regards, GG.

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