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Please accept my most gracious appreciation for the wonderful time I have had as Graham Hancock's Author of the Month for March - 2020. It was enjoyable, validating, and gratifying to speak with every person I was able to interact with.

My thanks, as well, go to those who purchased my book and appreciate it's hard-won contents. It will certainly come in handy later, and, allow me to assure you, this is only the beginning. I am working on the second book as we speak, and the secrets uncovered promise to only magnify the brilliance of Edward Leedskalnin, and the wisdom that is the Coral Castle.

Please join my YouTube Channel Coral Castle TV - YouTube

Join me as I uncover secrets, and join the discussion about the most exciting discoveries made regarding Ed and the Coral Castle, to date! Thank you all, and I look forward to seeing you on the boards here at, and on my brand-new YouTube Channel, Coral Castle TV. See you there!

Most Gratefully To All,

RL Poole

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My Thanks to Graham, and Everyone @!! 843 RLPoole 01-Apr-20 02:35

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