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"Ed is doing the impossible, and simply making it appear prosaic."

If that's true, then his intentions are to begin the 'lesson' as the misleading encouragement for people to attempt to replicate his achievements in this prosaic means, which if impossible, is the best way to learn a lesson in the hardest way possible.

Its a bit cruel, but it generates a potential army of exhausted advocates for the impossibility of that prosaic method. There's value in that 'step' towards understanding. But then where is the army if that was a plausible and functional way to trick people into learning 'lesson one'? Did he overestimate the motivation of his debunkers?

Super post. and, i agree with you. I dont think that it is cruel, though. I think it is fair.

He most certainly overestimated the motivation of scientists, AND debunkers. I believe that he also overestimated the perception of people to see his accomplishment as the impossible works they are, instead of merely impressive. That's where I hope to make the difference, and the battle I fight on a daily basis.

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