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If I have been able to prove anything about Edward Leedskalnin, it is that he was very good at hiding things in plain sight. He was a master of allowing you to see only what he wants you to see. While secrecy may have a useful and good purpose, it is still at the end of the day a form of deception. Like magic.

But here is what I see as the amazing,"M. Night Shyamalan," twist to the whole thing:

A magician uses prosaic means to fool you into believing they are doing the impossible.

Ed is doing the impossible, and simply making it appear prosaic. Then he left the
instructions to performing it to be found and put back together by the next magicians who
happen along and recognize magic when they see it. It's a bit Darwinian in nature, making it
devilishly difficult to fathom, there are a veritable plethora of intellectual hurdles to jump
in order to comprehend his messages, and to decipher his codes. Like everything else that I have found
by following the teachings of Ed Leedskalnin, is that the rewards have been worth it, every single time.

It is the Worlds Greatest Magic Trick. Also, the World's Longest Magic Trick, as well, to think of it. So, he has fooled his audience for far too long, and it's time for the curtain to part, and for Science to give Ed Leedskalnin his overly-deserved standing ovation, and allow him to deliver his encore. Ed's name should be more firmly written in the stones than the Coral Castle, itself, and I am confident that in time, his immeasurable genius will be vindicated beyond reproach.

What does anyone else make of his methods? Intentions? Message?

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