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The more I study the Coral Castle, and the megalithic cultures of our ancient forbears, the more I think of Graham's, and his corroborative source's, well-founded theory regarding a civilization which goes back much farther than we realize. The importance of the Coral Castle, for me, is that I see it as the critical lynch-pin to discovering the secrets of that long-buried past. The Coral Castle is the last ember in the smoldering ash, the only remaining vestige of the last Fire Of Knowledge which has been passed like a burning torch for untold thousands of years. The discoveries made about the Coral Castle are paramount to understanding the possible connections to our past, both recent, and ancient.

What if the keys to our ancient past are contained within the most modern of all of megalithic structures built? What if, instead of looking into the far past, with little context, we study the most recent example which indicates the highest potential for information?

My theories have met with a very polarized response, and the mainstream experts on the subjects raised by my discoveries, and the theories predicated upon them, have been predictably reluctant to engage in any valid arguments, and resort to ad-hominem attacks, unscientific skepticism, outright propaganda and disinformation, and the dogmatic perpetuation of the status quo.

And, I think of Graham...

I feel confident that brave, and intelligent people like, Randall Carlson, Dr. Robert Schoch, John Anthony West,Schwaller de Lubicz, Klaus Schmidt, and Robert Bauval are the true renegades, and cutting-edge leaders on the frontier of the palpable scientific revolution which seems to be taking place on this planet, and will be vindicated by the inevitable victory of truth.

And, I think of Graham...

The one scientist who I think gets the least credit in this matter of ancient civilizations is Graham, himself. Although Graham is a wonderful writer, he is a true scientist with all of his heart. A true scientist is one who practices in the correct observation, and interpretation of reality. In fact, Graham is so much of a scientist that he can understand and correlate multiple disciplines, and then can weave these sophisticated correlations together into a coherent and compelling narrative which captures the imagination, and broadens our understanding. Graham does all of his own footwork, and he actually rubs noses with the subjects he writes and speaks on. It strikes me curious that Graham refers to himself as a writer, and a reporter. I think of a scientist, a detective, a philosopher, and an intrepid explorer...

And, I think of Graham.

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