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This is a super interesting subject, i am glad you brought it up. And, I am an enormous fan of the late John Anthony West.

If you watch John Anthony West's Magical Egypt series, then you know of the episode called the Temple of Man.

In this episode it shows that in one of the hypo-style chambers there is a block which divides two smaller chambers inside. On both sides of the block in each room there are hieroglyphs, and visual information. However, both are incomplete. The only way that each side of the block makes sense, is if you combine them, as they appear to be carved in order to be combined, as though the block were made of glass, and the information, once overlapped with each other create a complete message.

Ed Leedskalnin hid the missing piece of the Perpetual Motion Holder on a separate cover of his published work, and this is very reminiscent of the same principal. Only when they are overlapped, and looked through, can the entire message be received. Look at the Coral Castle itself, and we see John Anthony West's vindication on this topic. Just like the ancient Egyptians, Ed built celestial alignments into the structure of the Coral Castle itself, which I prove in my book. Both JAW and Robert Bauval have overwhelmingly proven that this was also done by the ancient Egyptians, and it was done for the purposes of preserving, yet still encoding the information into the temple that the Priests would interpret and instruct the Initiates from, creating the next generation of Priests. It preserves, yet still shrouds the information so that only those who know how to correctly interpret the temple may have its secrets. Based on this information, it seems patently obvious that Ed has followed in this same tradition of his own teachers, and has built his temple with the secrets encoded into it, and also encoded into his writings, so that the secrets may be found, understood, and never lost again, once rediscovered.

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