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"The ones who don't know these subjects wish to debate me, and the ones who do know these subjects either agree with me, or avoid me completely. While I may not have a large consensus at this point, it is the quality of the intellect of those who agree with me that I use as a metric for the worthiness of my ideas. When intelligent people say, "Hmmm, that is very different than my own understanding...tell me more!," THAT'S my audience. That's Ed's audience. That's the power of science. Not blind, knee-jerk, dogmatically programmed, uninformed skepticism. "

Amen to that.

"Quantum Physics is the apologist for the flaws in Relativity. And, I am not bashing Einstein. Ed alludes to his errors in his writings, and I see what he is referring to. I don't want to get super technical in my post and lose anyone, but I will try to explain. Ed says if we start off with the wrong base of our thinking, all other thoughts based on it will also be incorrect. This is wise. "

And true. All theories build from presuppositions. Everything else tumbles when the presupposition is exposed as false or lacking.

"Einstein's paper, which I own and have pored over for many years, is brilliant. His Relativity theory, as well as calculations on the electrodynamics of moving bodies is unparalleled. However, it doesn't quite satisfy all of issues it tries to explain. I would not expect a theory by any scientist to be so comprehensive, and also 100% correct in every single respect. I don't know why anyone else would, either. There is room for error, and also for correction."

Over my head, RL. But just to be clear, you're not in disagreement with the apparent fact of the slit screen experiments and similar things that made quantum theory a big deal, right? You're point of departure is how those effects are described as being some sort of logical extension of Relativity, no?


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