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Ha! Will do. I would rather be a cooperation than a battle, tbh.

I always say that i go into physics/astronomy battle wielding the Sword of Leedskalnin. No matter how
many battles I have had, I have never lost while wielding this sword. And, I allow this little pattern I've noticed console me in that regard: The ones who don't know these subjects wish to debate me, and the ones who do know these subjects either agree with me, or avoid me completely. While I may not have a large consensus at this point, it is the quality of the intellect of those who agree with me that I use as a metric for the worthiness of my ideas. When intelligent people say, "Hmmm, that is very different than my own understanding...tell me more!," THAT'S my audience. That's Ed's audience.

That's the power of science. Not blind, knee-jerk, dogmatically programmed, uninformed skepticism. No, NO.
We must evolve to be more than that. We must evolve to divorce ego from scientific research to break this stymie
which plagues us currently as it applies to the progression of our high sciences. We have gone nowhere since Einstein.

Quantum Physics is the apologist for the flaws in Relativity. And, I am not bashing Einstein. Ed alludes to his errors in his writings, and I see what he is referring to. I don't want to get super technical in my post and lose anyone, but I will try to explain. Ed says if we start off with the wrong base of our thinking, all other thoughts based on it will also be incorrect. This is wise. Einstein's paper, which I own and have pored over for many years, is brilliant. His Relativity theory, as well as calculations on the electrodynamics of moving bodies is unparallelled. However, it doesn't quite satisfy all of issues it tries to explain. I would not expect a theory by any scientist to be so comprehensive, and also 100% correct in every single respect. I dont know why anyone else would, either. There is room for error, and also for correction.

Simply: Einstein's work was predicated upon Newton. Newton's work was based on the concept of gravity as the only attracting force acting on this planet. When Newton saw the apple fall from the tree, he brilliantly surmised that a force was acting upon the apple, pulling it toward the center of the Earth. What he had no way of knowing at the time, but at the center of our planet is a giant Iron Nickel core, which is also an enormous magnet, that bathes and surrounds the entire planet in a field of magnetism. This magnetism is in motion around its own center in SpacTime, and also around the center of another huge magnetic celestial body through SpaceTime, the Sun. Add to that the forward motion of our entire solar system as we hurtle together at 69,000 miles per hour through the fabric of SpaceTime. It seems like the interaction of the magnetic fields of these celestial bodies with the fabric of SpaceTime causes a curvature in SpaceTime, which manifests itself as gravity, or the "push" toward the center of our planet, to magnetism's, "pull".

An equal and opposite reaction to the interaction of two or more forces. The movement of Magnetism through the fabric of SpaceTime creates the equal and opposite reaction of the curvature of SpaceTime around the travelling, and spinning magnetic field, and creates a downward moving force in the direction of the source of the magnetic field. Magnetism pulls down on anything ferromagnetic, and gravity pushes down on anything that is, or isn't. I am not just talking, there is evidence to support this assertion. Verified, and verifiable experiments back this up:


This appears to be extremely compelling evidence in the case i am making for a corrected view of the forces in Physics. Do you know how they measure the gravity of our planet? With a gradiometer....which measures magnetism. They calculate the force of magnetism emanating from any point on the planet, then the amount of "tug" the satellite receives at that point, and then calculates that as "gravity". We obviously know something, but do not fully understand it. I think Leedskalnin corrects this, and proves that he does. Food for thought. Cheers!

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