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It seems to me that you think by the help of magnetism. Am I right? Have you any theory about how it would have been applied?

There is no doubt in my mind that things can be moved in several different ways, some mysterious too, like by thought. Last year another AOM did such experiments, but they were on a very small scale, not big boulders!


RLPoole Wrote:
> While I can sincerely appreciate the
> points you have made, there is a larger one for me
> which takes precedence.
> I will not adjust my research to accommodate those
> who are not following the rules of science. In
> other words, I have no desire to appease those who
> have the malice of ignorance as their guide.
> If I am the one making the discoveries, I think I
> am also the most qualified person to interpret
> them. What the pseudo skeptics think is of no
> importance to me, because I am not going to reason
> with the unreasonable. If a person can think, I
> can lead them to reason. and vice versa. If they
> are determined to disagree no matter what I say or
> prove, then what does a scientist care about the
> opinion of the unscientific? I think instead of
> appeasing them, i would like to conquer them, one
> debate,one fact, one discovery at a time. I'm not
> spoon-feeding ungrateful babies, AND making the
> airplane noise. They can grow up a little, and
> accept a measure of humility which involves
> allowing a critical, and informed arrival at the
> facts, devoid of ego-driven angst at the expense
> of those who are doing it right. The uninformed
> skeptic is no threat to me, and I have firm faith
> in the idea that there is a contingent of
> intelligent people who are interested in learning
> new things, to challenge the status quo, and to
> dedicate their mindset to the progress of thinking
> which lies beyond the path of least resistance.
> I appreciate that you have given these topics so
> much thought, and i have enjoyed our
> conversation.

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