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In my first reply I tell how I, a normal woman with not that strong muscles (!) have moved fridges and washing machines and tall cupboards, and I did not mention outside I have moved heavy logs, just by applying ropes in the correct strategic places. Horizontal moving. I have a feeling where to place the ropes, don't ask me how I know, I just know it. Vertical is totally different, and so is cutting big blocks out of rocks.

Now, our AOM mr. Poole is onto something about magnets. Since there is no explanation or speculation in his book about what these magnets, invented by the castle builder, can do, I am speculating myself.

After "somehow" having released a big block from rocks, maybe having two super strong magnets, one on each side of the block, with the magnetism going through it, hmmmm then what? Why not just using ropes?
Well, jump to the part where the stones have been carved beautifully and now are ready to be lifted into very accurate, even astronomically correct positions if I understand it right, then what? Where would the magnets come in? Could a huge stone wherever it is, pyramids, stone henge, coral castle be rendered much lighter in weight by the help of magnetism?

Normally weight depends on size and material. R.L. Poole has constructed a very difficult device, invented by the castle builder (can't spell his name without interrupting my reply and then it goes away on my iPad). I would like to know if he has tried it out on something to see what it can do - or not.

P.s.The moon has less gravity than earth because it is smaller. It has the same shape as our earth = a sphere. Some have the opinion that it is hollow inside, others not.
Newton and gravity and things falling to earth at the same speed if it were not for their shape, so what is gravity? The book replaces it with magnetism.
Now we could go onto the poltergeist phenomena, where children at puberty and a bit hormonally disturbed maybe can make things fly around in a room, but is it always the young people doing it? Some seem to live in haunted houses, where things fall off shelves in the middle of the night, and heavy furniture are being moved or taps and radios etc turn themselves on, even when nobody is home.
The mysteries deepen all the time instead of being solved.


Poster Boy Wrote:
> Hi GG!
> I recall talking to a construction guy about CC,
> around the time that I had thought the riddle had
> been solved. He showed me how easy it was to spin
> pipes that were were thousand pounds. Mind you,
> the pipe was already propped on a base, so there
> was no lifting involved. Nonetheless, it was
> remarkable how weightless the pipe was.. when
> ideally placed!

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