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Thank you for your message.

Well, lets be clear: My book claims to contain breakthroughs in understanding the Coral Castle, and it is absolutely delivers. The content in my book is the first verifiable evidence that Ed Leedskalnin left a series of secrets, puzzles behind. The content of the secrets, as well as the ways they were encoded, is a real bombshell in the field of Coral Castle research. Before I made these discoveries, there was none of the information you read in the book. Perhaps my book is fine, and your expectations are unreasonable...? Especially for my first book. I have to make a trail that people can follow, and it takes time to do this. I could have made some really catchy but totally dishonest title like coral castle solved, or everything you know about the coral castle is wrong, like others have, but I gave you exactly what i promised. They are breakthroughs in understanding. And, what we understand due to those breakthroughs will change the game as it applies to the study of megalithic structures across the board.

Moreover, I prove that Ed Leedskalnin left this important information behind for a reason. I went to a lot of effort to explain the reasons for the encoding and leaving behind of this information, based on the clues I have un-riddled so far. While I may not have everything solved, I am the only person solving it, so far. And, the implications are truly staggering.

If I had everything figured out, and could do everything that Ed had been able to do, the way he did it, then I would be on television, and accepting my Nobel Prize in Physics, which I am very much looking forward to one day. But to say that my book is just more speculation is an uncritical, and in my opinion, a dismissively unfair view of the work. I have gone to great lengths to not only crack all of his codes, but to explain them in detail, and how they relate overall to the understandings that Ed is imparting through them. The evidence I have found is provocative, and corroborated by the evidence I present. Very, very little of what I wrote is speculative. It is factual. I am as frustrated as you are that I dont have all of the facts, but I am the only one uncovering them, so we will both have to be patient with me.

An article whose source is hearsay, and folklore does not interest me. Even if it is true. It doesn't tell me anything that I dont already know, and can serve to muddy the waters and invite one to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

I dont think that knowing the secrets of the Pyramids means that you have to exactly duplicate their techniques to the last detail. If you know the secret of something, then you will most likely know how to make it work many different ways. I know the secrets of fire-making. I can start a fire 37 different ways, because once you know the secret, the method is secondary.

I agree, this is not the product of slave labor. This is work of the finest craftmanship, and the highest attention paid to detail. Slaves would not have the education, skills, or ambition needed to afford such splendid work.

So, because I didn't solve the entire mystery, the plethora of new information I have added has no value to you? That's a pity. I would say that many others, including myself, would disagree with that assertion. Yes, the core mystery remains, but my discoveries have solved several related ones, and puts us light years from where we were before, as it applies to the Coral Castle, because where we were before, was nowhere. This mystery has been a dark tomb, and a few cracks of light has started to appear that will illuminate the future discoveries I make even brighter. And, my goal is to keep bringing those discoveries forward, and meeting the resistance of those who are dismissive, or unfairly critical, and persuade them with the facts until not a single one is left standing. I'm in this for the long run. And, if you are truly passionate about this topic, then, you should be, too.

Thanks again for your message.

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