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Hi, R.L. Poole. I have just read your book on my kindle. And now yours and Poster boy's friendly arguments.
We have the pyramids, the Easter Island statues and Coral Castle. And stone henge.

Moving heavy things horizontally is not that hard. I am a normal sized woman, not strong, but boy, have I moved things in my life, inside and outside. I seldom waited for a man to come and help with horizontal moving, only lifting upwards, and here my strong son came to help me.
I have moved fridges, washing machines, cupboards all by myself, with the help of ropes, put in strategic places, then wriggled. Easy! That was how they moved the Easter island statues, they made them walk, the inhabitants have told and experiments have shown they were right, and I have seen it on a TV documentary.

If rollers could be put under things while "things" are lying down, not standing up, like in obelisks and statues, that could help too.

BUT, it is the lifting, and before that the cutting of such heavy stones and sometimes even drilling perfect round holes deep inside whatever. How the dickens has it been done?

Making, somehow, holes in rocks, then put wooden pegs in them and make them wet, yes, sounds like a good idea, especially in a hot country with baking, constant sun.

Magnetism. Hmmm. In your book there was something about the iron inside earth not being "responsible" for the magnetism, which you say is the real gravity, but ... Sorry I can't express myself properly here, I have to go back to your book. Anyway, if earth itself is a magnet, it can't be a conventional magnet, as everything attracted has to be made of iron, and there is a lot on earth, not made of iron. We are supposed to have iron in us, I will soon have a blood test to see if my iron level is ok! But all the plastic, where is the iron? Plastic does not fall off earth.

You made that "thingy" which Ed is supposed to have invented, and what a job that must have been. Did you ever try it out on something?

Have you a theory how magnetism could help carving rocks out of the earth, then later lift them?

I hope I have not rambled too badly. At least I have read your book. It stopped rather too soon!


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