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RLPoole Wrote:
> Hello, thank you for your reply.

> have spent the last 15 years researching this
> topic, and I can tell you sincerely that YouTube
> cant answer everything.

Two separate things, one on point, other is patently condescending.

Not everything in this
> world has been figured out, least of all the
> construction methods of the Coral Castle. So,
> let's debate:

Why? I prefer discussion.
> I don't think there has ever been the case of a
> corroborated, and compelling scientific argument
> which was made through the effort of 15 years of
> dedicated, and borderline obsessive research, that
> was overturned by someone vaguely citing youTube,
> regarding a non-specific video. You're going to
> have to work a little harder than that :) Whatever
> video you think you have tucked up your sleeve, I
> can almost certainly guarantee I have already
> seen,

That would be my armpit, so I doubt it.

most likely know the maker of the video, and
> have shown the flaws of the logic involved in
> their explanations. I am always open to other
> points of view, as long as they are politely
> presented, and thoughtfully formed. I do not have
> the stance that i cannot be wrong about something,
> or balk at being able to honestly and simply
> say I dont know. If you make a point, it
> will be scored. Please be that fair in return.

Always fair.

> So, tell me...whats your beef?

Filet mignon, rare to medium rare. Always on the safe side that way.

What video
> convinces you so thoroughly that Ed built the
> Castle using prosaic means, that you wont even
> consider an outside explanation? In other words,
> what video made you stop thinking critically :)
First, don't speak like an ass.and please don't drop a :) when you do. That is passive aggressive bulshit.

> If you are led by reason, then there is a very
> good chance that I can prove any assertion I put
> forth, because it has already been tested by every
> conceivable refutation, up to, and including
> YouTube

Now that we've all fine through this entirely unnecessary preamble, let me first recognize your devotion to this subject which, at fifteen years, greatly exceeds my own. I have gone in and out of the Coral Castle thing intermittently over the last two decades maybe longer. And the last time I did check in, lightly as usual, was several years ago now, maybe 5? I do remember coming away thinking that this mystery has been very elegantly solved. So, at the moment I don't know of the video or presentation that led me to think this.

That said, I see that you are emotionally invested in this subject, what with this reply and all of the postings. And if you say that after 15 years of search committee death investigation, that you believe all of the answers have been rebutted, I will take your word on that.
Nonetheless, if I was wrong I would definitely like to have my errant points correctly answered on this. So let me look around, I will try to find what it was, and I will get back to you probably in one to three days.

In the meanwhile,understand this as I join you in a friendly discussion. If you can answer the questions but I had concluded we're answered in my previous or a to the subject, I would be glad. I have no emotional investment to either side of his matter. So, know that going forward.

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