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If you can get past the voice ‘from the tomb’, the embroidered narrative, and imaginative reconstruction of what it might have looked like, this short video gives a relatively concise overview of the Emerald Tablet. It must not be confused with another perhaps recent text dubbed the Emerald Tablets (note the plural):

Suffice to say that the short text of the Emerald Tablet has maintained its renown as the most important of alchemical/magical texts over many centuries. On my website, I give a translation of the oldest version of the well-known phrase from that tablet: ‘As above, so below’ inscribed on a clay tablet from ca.1900-1600 BC. It indicates a Sumerian source for the Emerald Tablet and is the best proof of the Sumerian origin of Hermes Trismegistus. Given as a proverb on ETCSL, my translation has not been seen before in modern times. If anyone would like to copy and discuss it elsewhere, please don’t forget to reference the translator.

EME results from a combination of KA, the word, and ME, the magic, giving ‘the magical word’, or ‘Words of the Magician’. T-shaped symbol ME has been mentioned several times in my posts here and has its own chapter in BEFORE BABEL THE CRYSTAL TONGUE.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film (to be released later this year) is titled TENET, presumably a reference to the central word of the SATOR square, a well-known, age-old puzzle. I don’t know how he worked this incredibly important mystery into the framework of an action movie that should, in the normal course of events, be utterly lacking in mystical depths, but there you go. I found his choice interesting, particularly the graphics of the poster where the T is upturned. I daresay it’s all coincidence…if you believe in them. Remember the dark night…

A chapter of BEFORE BABEL THE CRYSTAL TONGUE deals with the analysis of the SATOR square, my intention being to demonstrate that Greek and Latin are derived from the phonetic Sumerian and that this riddle can only be solved by awareness of that fact. But also, I chose it because I came across an obscure, little known version carved into a manmade Herma stone at the back of a large cave in the Pyrenees mountains of south-west France, a unique example. All I will add here – unless anyone has a question within the next few days - is that EME is at the heart of it.

Another interesting point, at least in my opinion, is the existence of a link between EME and the source symbols that were used in modern times to create the name ‘Sumer’; ŠU-ME-RU. They appear together on one of the lexical tablets. A monosyllabic translation might give ‘the hand of the Magician to impose’… always remembering that we don’t know what the place or the language were originally called. 'As above, so below' appears in the 3rd riddle on my website. EME figures in the 5th.


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