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Gulsbo writes “Hello
Sitchin is controversial. IS his translations reliably, or nor OR is he as reliable as anyone?

Hello Gulsbo,
Zechariah Sitchin gave no explicit references for his work on Sumerian texts. For that reason alone, his work is unreliable. The average reader, not being able to verify for themselves, must either accept or reject his conclusions. Then again, they might simply prefer to see his books as enjoyable fiction.

Unfortunately, the academic versions of the earliest Sumerian texts also appear nebulous as to the details of their translating methods and this, in my opinion, brings into question the reliability of their resulting stories. The obvious and fundamental error - which remains ‘officially’ uncorrected - in THE INSTRUCTIONS OF SHURUPPAK is absolute proof of that.

Unlike Zechariah Sitchin or the academic translations, THE STORY OF SUKURRU and the riddles on my website are presented in a transparent manner, verifiable for anyone who doesn’t want to take me at my word. So the answer to your two questions is ‘no’.

Perhaps by ‘reliable’, your question concerns the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitors being described in the Sumerian texts. BEFORE BABEL THE CRYSTAL TONGUE discusses the symbols that comprise the name Anunnaki. I have also posted an analysis on the AoM board under the title ‘Who were the Anunnaki?’

The key is in the opening lines of the antediluvian Sumerian King List and in the symbol NUN.


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