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Quote left by Madeline: When the other hermits were assembled and wept his death, and would have done his service, suddenly Saint Anthony revived and made his servant to bear him into the pit again where the devils had so evil beaten him, and began to summon the devils again, which had beaten him, to battles. ([])

Me: a link to an engraving showing St. Anthony tormented by demons. []

I refer to tripping on psychedelics as "practice dying", especially on LSD. I always went through a death experience. Similar to the normal patterns of REM sleep, in my experience I could be totally lucid and engaged with friends, then I would slip off into an out of body experience or slipped into a memory/whatever. Then I would come back down, be lucid and participate with acquaintances, they off again, over and over. This would happen at least a half dozen times during one trip. I could relive 6 to 8 former lifetimes (from birth to death) in the matter of an 8 hour period. At least they seemed like former lives. This was especially true in my early days as a psychonaut. Later, the ability to have out of body experiences became more prevalent - literally travelling to distant worlds. My dreaming was on fire in the 70's as well (as stated earlier, that is when I experienced tripping a great deal). This all depends on set and setting, of course. These kinds of experiences mostly occurred when being quiet, listening to music inside somewhere in a controlled environment.
But, at least in the initial death experience on any given night, I would first experience something very much like what is depicted in the St. Anthony print (scroll down one page when you click on url to see engraving). It was always a little scary and you just had to learn to let it go, show no fear, and it/they passed.

When the psychic Edgar Cayce was asked what the trance experience was like, he also spoke of "rising" above the earth, initially encountering massively deformed human type demons on the astral plane. They want to hold onto you, seemingly to feed off of your energy, especially fear. So, the presentation that St. Anthony asked to be placed back into the "pit" at death... well that sounds like he equated it with the initial phase of the death experience as well.

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