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A word on the missing symbol of the Solstice Riddle.

On line 22, symbol ŠUBUR (ŠAH) was translated to ‘servant’ in THE STORY OF SUKURRU but it can also be read as ‘pig’; a servant pig...?

Searching for a possible link between servant and pig, I came across the story of Saint Anthony of Egypt. As it’s not the first time he appears in my research (see GNOSIS, 666) - particularly with the all-important T-shaped symbol ME being his emblem – it seems worth mentioning. There are a great many images of him with his faithful pig, generally shown with a bell around its neck. I found the following:

When the other hermits were assembled and wept his death, and would have done his service, suddenly Saint Anthony revived and made his servant to bear him into the pit again where the devils had so evil beaten him, and began to summon the devils again, which had beaten him, to battles. ([])

A story with a beating, a servant and a revived hero… Might there be confusion of the solstice rebirth and the gnostic experience, between the 666 of symbol GIG-NUS, the 666 of the solstice offerings (see the original post) and the 666 implied in the Hermetic mind mark? (see THE NAME OF THE LORD)

There is no hard and fast explanation anywhere as to why Saint Anthony of Egypt was so closely associated with a pig. But given my own conviction that he was a follower of Hermes Trismegistus, laid out in BEFORE BABEL THE CRYSTAL TONGUE, and that certain Sumerian texts are Hermetic in nature, it seems reasonable to suggest that the pig be part of the story from way back beyond 300 AD. This riddle in THE STORY OF SUKURRU tends to confirm that theory. It might also explain why the pig became sacred and untouchable in more than one religion. It still is.

This short traveller’s video shows Saint Anthony’s cave in the desert:


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