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Frankly, I don’t see any point to your post here, the idea being to engage in a discussion about the OP. It’s certainly not by re-quoting the quote in my post that you are doing anything of the sort. And phrases like 'Mankind faces the inner demons of Why Life is so precarious' aren't going to cut it either.

Once again, a bunch of obscure comments accompanied by links to sites that have no bearing on the subject in hand. You don’t ask me a question about the Solstice riddle, about the Queen of Sheba connection, about the ‘name of the Lord’, about anything at all relevant. You neither challenge me nor contribute your own thought on anything that might be related to any of my work. This is the third time you've thought it acceptable to come along and make your mark on the AoM board this month. And it's not the first time we've had words. I fully understand that the word 'Sumerian' automatically triggers you, but if you want to spout about your favourite subject, start your own OP on the Mysteries board. Enough!


‘Hidden Meanings’ Part 1:

Part 2 The Saying:

Part 3 The Cabal:

Part 4 A Toast to the Seven:

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