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>>Let the man endued with a Mind mark, consider, and learn of himself, and with the power of his Mind divide himself from his not-self and become a servant of Reality. (Poimandres, The Vision of Hermes sourced from sacred Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings from All Ages, 1928)


Inanna Is A Symbol/Guide of This Reality Teaching.

If We Compare Gobekli Tepe Symbolism with what has been discovered on Easter Island,

We find Socio teaching Symbolism existing in distant Earth locations which later generations could only return to ....with little understanding of What went down as they say many 1000s of years ago.

Easter Island may be location connective to Ancient Mu Pacific Culture.

Pacific Mytholore abounds with Stories of Giants who were before.

Dealing with the horror of the Planetary Chaos,

Mankind faces the inner demons of Why Life is so precarious.

Why the World Around.......Cannot be Trusted now.

To Gather up Humanity ...Build together towards Something*

The numerous underground locations where large numbers of people can ride out dangerous conditions pauses that Earth was very much unpredictable.

Levant Mytholore about Baal- BA AL - Lord.


Would the Ubaid Culture from same regions yet earlier in time,...use the Baal

And then to nearby Gobekli Tepe. ...A similar God of Import status?

For me...The Search to learn ...the Earlier examples of the Ancient God Self Icon.

Finding It a Tiwanaku - circa over 12,000bc/Posnansky suggests It has Global reach.

Online/Publish with Bowls* found in the High Andes. ..having Sumerian/Mesopotamian Cuneiform.

If True. ...How'do They get so far?

T Bird

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