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Hi Madeleine
All I would say is that YOU brought the Sumerians to life for me. I have loved that region since my first visit to the British Museum as a small child, and saw the magnificent winged Assyrian panels.I have never come across anything but dry old documents that held no interest. You have such a great GRAPHIC style. Learning about Inanna and the way she carried on had me laughing out loud. So totally unlike modern day society or the cut and dried pretty Greek and Roman Legends.That's why the tedious 'experts' may see you as a threat, you are well worth reading.They are real people in your hands.
I only learned about a belief called Tengriism the other day. A fascinating man blogged on Quora. He said that they use numbers as words in conversation, which made me wonder if some of the, as yet, indecipherable glyphs could be numbers used this way.E.G. every seventh child has the same name so they would say 7 talking about that ancestor and so on
Cream rises to the top !

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