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Spiros writes “There a lot of things that add up to 666, like Hitler's full name in the Cycladic alphabet or the phrase:

EKsAKOSIES DEKA EKs(feminine gender: six hundred and sixteen)

Gnosis on the other hand in the Ionic alphabet is equal to Chephren. But if we use the Boeotic alphabet where O just like in the modern Latin alphabet is equal to 60, then we have the number 523. This seems to encompass the royal cubit:

1 rc = 0.52356 meters

I have proposed the use of a very old alphabet consisting of 15 letters. 15 is the atomic weight of Phosphorus. In this alphabet gnosis adds up to 88. This number leads to Thoth - Mercury.

In the modern Greek alphabet:
GIGNYS = 3+9+3+40+200+90 = 345
NEKYS = 40+5+10+200+90 = 345

Nekys is ancient Greek for death. In the Ionic alphabet, kathe thanatos(evey death) adds up to 6 6 6."

Hi Spiros,
Thanks. That’s interesting. I had thought isopsephy to be based in only one originating alphabet, presumably the Phoenician, and developed for the purpose of expressing numbers in ancient Greek. The online calculator uses that form. Also, if Wikipedia is to be believed, “All forms of the Greek alphabet were originally based on the shared inventory of the 22 symbols of the Phoenician alphabet”. Compatibility of the old Sumerian phonetic forms with Greek would necessarily come at the very birth of the Greek alphabet.

I can’t pretend to argue with you about the Greek language per se. Nevertheless, I’m surprised that that there are many logical results obtained from 666. Apart from Hitler apparently through a different language base, has 666 in the 22 symbol system been found elsewhere linked to devastation, trouble, etc.?

I did play around with the online isopsephy calculator, trying to arrive at 666 with a variety of names and words. In fact, I was attempting to discredit my own accidental discovery concerning GIG-NUS by coming up with a lot of other possibilities but didn’t manage to do so. It was quite secondary at the time, just an amusing anecdote. Now I’m less sure of that.

Can you elaborate on ‘gnosis’, and 88 leading to Thoth and perhaps where your very old alphabet of 15 letters can be seen? I am curious. Thank you.


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