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Atugablish writes "A note about the use of capital letters in transliteration. In Assyriology capitals are used in two ways:

1) in Sumerian contexts to indicate that the pronunciation of a sign or compound of signs is not known,
2) in Akkadian contexts, a) to indicate an unknown pronunciation (as in Sumerian contexts), and b) the use of a Sumerian sign as a logogram (word sign) for an Akkadian word (ie, LUGAL for šarru 'king'), in which the Sumerian sign would be read in Akkadian.

Hence, the transliteration MUNUS.ŠAH in l. 225 informs the reader that the pronunciation is currently not understood. In epsd2 one is directed to the entry found at [] (epsd2 SAL.ŠUBUR = etscl MUNUS.ŠAH). Note that only one occurance is known, which is this line in Instructions of Šuruppak.

It is likely that SAL is simply a determinative for ŠAH, meaning "female pig". Sumerian had no grammatical gender, so using SAL before a word indicated female sex. If no SAL appears, a person/animal was understood as male. In later texts (late 2nd millennium through 1st millennium), Akkadian speaking scribes backtranslated grammatically feminine Akkadian words into Sumerian, by adding SAL to the Sumerian word."

Thank you for that, John. I translated ŠAH to its given meaning 'servant' rather than 'pig' to better fit the context of that section of THE STORY OF SUKURRU but I had picked up on the fact that SAL in a straightforward translation is being used to give the feminine to the donkey, the servant and apparently to the speech. That's how I used it in the original story; 'the female voices'. SAL is also being used here as part of an acrostic. The text is coded, not something that has been discussed before now as far as I know. As you appear to have at the very least undertaken academic studies in this field, do you have any thoughts?

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