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Part 1 (Part 2 is found by scrolling down under this post. There are 5 parts in all. They progressively reveal the meanings hidden in this riddle.)

Virgil in the 1st century BC engaged in a form of wordplay called ‘acrostic’, one form consisting of encoding a word, discovered only by reading the first letter of each line vertically. It’s said that later authors emulated him, but in truth the acrostic was first employed at a much earlier period than anyone has yet imagined – long before the time of Virgil who must surely have been aware of a pre-existing tradition and who was just one scribe in a long history of encoded language.

The earliest mention of a possible acrostic written in cuneiform dates it to an Akkadian text from ca.1000 BC. This is pretty much unknown today, particularly as the Sumerian texts were not written in manipulable alphabetic form but as symbols. Nevertheless, THE STORY OF SUKURRU demonstrates that Sumerians were the precursors of this type of word/symbol-play as far back as 2500 BC, and probably earlier still.

The most obvious and irrefutable example of that encoding comes on lines 224-226 of THE STORY OF SUKURRU, a section that deals with the pagan solstice ceremony. That in itself is mind-blowing. Where else is found a literary text 4,500 years old on the subject of such an event?

Line 223 sets the scene at nightfall:

“…and dark night its cloud gathering over the lord.”

The following three lines, all humoristic, contain the acrostic. They each begin with symbol SAL, pictogram of the vulva with meanings relating to ‘feminine’ but also the source of French ‘salle’, the chamber. No need to further justify that etymology. You will have understood:

224. SAL (…): In the chamber,

225. SAL (…): In the chamber,

226. SAL (…): In the chamber,

During three days at the time of the solstice, the sun appears to be motionless, halted in its journey along the horizon. Is it dead? Will it ever move again? Then at last, it begins the return journey, announcing the arrival of a new cycle of time. The pagan winter solstice celebrations on and around December 21st are age-old.

And then line 227:

“The wooden spindle with round curses churning…(…) the door to another era opens.”

Lines 224-226 are the only ones in the 280-line text that begin in that way. Is it coincidence? Clearly not. The winter solstice is being interpreted as word, image and number. (There is also an etymological link to the Lithuanian sun goddess Saule.)

THE STORY OF SUKURRU shows the earliest known pictographic forms next to the translations, giving an idea of how they might originally have looked. Thanks to that method, the coded language becomes more evident and leads to an equally mind-blowing conclusion; since later abstract cuneiform could not fully demonstrate the meanings of text encoded in this manner, the account of the winter solstice might well have been first written down in the heyday of the earliest so-called ‘primitive’ pictographic forms, the 4th millennium BC…

There are a few other examples of threefold repetition (triquetra?) in THE STORY OF SUKURRU - although not forming an obvious acrostic. I haven’t worked out their underlying meaning yet, but it strikes me that this coding of texts must have hidden important themes, was probably well known throughout history and has only been abandoned in recent times. See Sean’s excellent OP titled The Bard on the History Board.

Part 2 is found by scrolling below (also linked here):


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