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H Eddie

thank you for checking in.

My experiences in altered states in general alongside my psychotherapeutic practice have been the backbone to this work and in return this work has been the backbone to these experiences. What I mean is that having experiences in altered states is one thing, but then integrating them is what truly supports the meaning making process. Writing this article and editing this book has been part of my integration journey and has helped me harness my experiences. I slowly over time made sense of all the links you read about in the article and started mapping them out.

On a personal level: At the start, my experiences in altered states and psychotherapy supported me to work on the healing of my relationship with the personal feminine (the women in my family) which for me was an essential first step in this journey. The other important element has been that they opened me to learn and recognize my embodied knowing and start moving in life from there. The other important teaching of these experiences was that they reconnected me with my fertile potency.I don't mean childbearing and birthing in the concrete sense. I mean the fertile creative energies we all have within us, and being able to use it as a resource and an outlet. That in itself helped me create bridges between the world on the inside and the world on the outside (again, this article being one of these).

I don't think that psychedelics are the only way to access altered states of consciousness, but I do think that altered states of consciousness are an extremely valuable way to support the expansion of our consciousness.

I hope this answers your question.


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