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thank you for raising these points. I will first start by saying that the word psycho-babble would be appropriate had I not been a trained psychotherapist. It refers to those that use psychological terms in an uninformed way. I can assure you, you are safe from that.
Ah, so I’ll take it that the book was written for those in your profession, not for the public in general?

I remember watching a talk by Stephen Jenkinson,an American elder (I highly recommend his book Diea Wise) who has worked in hospices throughout his life and trying to bring death back into popular discourse who made a very touching point. He was saying that the role of elders in societies was to teach us how to die, but with the collective alienation we have from death, the elders have lost their main function and place in our society, a tragedy for us and them.
Of course, I can only speak for those I know, but I’m ever hopeful that the pendulum will move back a bit and land up a little closer to a rational approach.

I agree with you that there are some pockets of progress. The development of death cafes across the UK is opening a space for people to meet and talk about death, their own and the death of those they love and its impact.
Good gracious, what are ‘death cafés’?! I’ve never heard of them before!! A search on google will be undertaken today to find the nearest one. 

Death needs more than practical and logistical adaptation, in fact doing that (like arranging ones funeral) might also be an attempt to stay in control.
My contemporaries are practical people and make sure they have enduring power of attorney documents and clear statements of whether they wish doctors or an assigned person to have the last say as to whether resuscitation is used.

Beliefs about death are just that, beliefs, be it spiritual or pragmatic the truth is we simply do not know yet.
There is a big difference – the physical, practical facts can be checked objectively and all the evidence points to a thorough understanding of that; the ‘spiritual’, whatever people’s individual’ definitions of that idea are, cannot.

There might be an end in terms of physicality but we are learning that consciousness somehow remains.
I do not know of any objective evidence for that – do you? I wonder what are the spiritual/religious/etc beliefs of those who are mainly concerned with this idea.

I am fascinated in the discoveries in the fields of epigenetics that show that our life experience if we have children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren travels on trough the dna. They inherit our traumas and our resources.
I strongly disagree. It is going to be just about impossible to show actual physical – in however a microscopic way – inheritance, rather than a descendant’s brain having acquired the information via their senses and it affecting their own.

This is enough to know that how we live our lives matters, not just for us but for those not yet here. And that is the vital essence of death for me that I talk about the article, the vital perspective on how to live our lives.
Hmmmm, no argument there. Here seems to be a reasonable place to talk about the language you use in the article. Yesterday I read all your posts here which were written in clear, jargon-free English but the article … … well, that’s why I used the term psycho-babble!

Re the tap group: Nearly all of us are on various medications, half have had various forms of cancer, some of us twice, but all of us talk about our own and others’ deaths without fear or euphemisms. It is though only an occasional mention – there is no need to bring up the subject all the time. One of us does not take any medication at all and the rest of us think that is extremely unfair!! It’s being so cheerful that keeps us going! Annual lunch in January. Some have had to stop dancing for various reasons, but they are all still part of the group and I’m a good communicator and keep everyone informed.


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