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I have listened all the way through. I did not (by highliting, copying and pasting on to a word doc) bother to find out how many thousands of psycho-babble words there are, but on the way through stopped to copy the following :

The next femtheogenic link relates to the vital cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Nature’s wisdom taught our ancestors that death is a stage of regeneration rather than an end in itself.
The evolved brains of humans, able to understand that death was inevitable enabled them to think of a million alternative ideas. Today, far more realism abounds.

Today we relate to death with dread,
Yes, I'm sorry to say that many still do, but fortunately not as many as in former times. Those of us who have reached our 80s (often thanks to advanced medical knowledge and pharmaceuticals) and gradually seeing our contemporaries dying, treat it with realism and make the best use of the time we have left. I for one do not (and have not for a very long time) wasted any futile thoughts on ssome mythical after-life or reincarnation. When I die, my body will be cremated, but if it was buried, then it would start to decompose as soon as it .ceases to function. No fancy euphemisms for me - my sons will only havde to pay a smallish sum to funeral directors for fridge space prior to the cremation.

unable to face its vital essence,
You may feel that way - and I am sad for you if that is the case, but death is death, any 'vital essence' is entirely imagined.

immersed in an all-encompassing denial of it.
Nope! You ought to meet the members of my tap dance group - the baby of the group is 73 - and they are enjoying every moment of their living time. They all have funeral arrangements sorted out so that there will be no fuss and awkwardness. Three of my friends have died this year and another has only months to live, but do you hear an expression of fear from her? Certainly not!


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