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My main focus has been on Native American beliefs, specifically those of the mound building cultures. As far as I know, the use of hallucinogenics was employed within the secret societies and the elite periodically and only when specific rituals were being performed: Meaning the medicine men/women, ruling class, and healers/shamans. The substances were used as a part of certain rituals and for the generation of experiences and were essentially initiation ceremonies. I do not find anything that suggests widespread use of hallucinogens among the populations. My assessment is that the night sky was important to them in ways we generally don't grasp. They lived in a dark world (at night) and were attuned to the earth in ways we probably can't understand. As far as your idea that the use of these substances could have had something to do with how they understood the night sky/death and the soul, I would readily agree that it did. The extent of that is debatable and I would not have anything important to add about that. I'm saying I don't know.

I believe that the modern focus on the usage of hallucinogenics in the ancient world comes from our current obsession with drug use--and is related to various ways we look at drugs as positive or negative, the legalization issues and sides, criminal justice responses, etc.. Now I readily admit that I can be wrong and that my ideas about this are related to me being enmeshed in treatment within the American criminal justice system for some 45 years. My opinion is biased. I know many more people whose lives were affected for worse by the use of drugs than people who made great discoveries or got smarter/better because of the use of drugs. I do not advocate the widespread use of hallucinogenics nor do I advocate for the abolition or legalization of them. In several other books I wrote that I do not issue any opinion about drug usage that might sway anyone.

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