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"The foremost duty of a scientist is to check the facts. However, science on an inspired level requires more than making and collecting observations; it is also the drawing of conclusions, and possibly the formulation of a theory. At this stage imagination is needed and this involves a much more difficult task… Usually scientists are willing to give any theory, however doubtful, a try provided it shows imagination and it offers new ideas… A scientific theory has to be judged by its credibility, which depends on the supporting evidence. Its value increases with the volume of such evidence…” (Dr. Kurt Mendelssohn, The Riddle of the Pyramids)

Doesn't seem like such a bad thing...

I need to mention here, albeit that the images in the OP are likely somewhat tongue in cheek, none of them are a realistic representation of the night sky - regardless of the fact that they are photographs, the stars are simply not as numerous to naked eye observation (yes, even when there's no interference, whatsoever, from 'light pollution' - due to proximity of artificial sources).

Of course they are there, with yet more behind those, however, they are not discernable. It's a camera lens / aperture / exposure / zoom / reproduction - thing. (I had similar issues with background & overlaid images in compiling my diagrams - by 'primitive means' at that..).
Nothing comes close to the real sky & actual size. Awesome as it is, that big black expanse of canvass is merely studded... 'someone' pin-pricked it more intensely in vicinity of the nucleus and the density gets cloud-like along the Galaxy spirals but generally speaking, stars are spaced out :-) so much so, that it's quite a natural urge to join them with imaginary lines, connect the dots & playfully create figures - it's been done before.

The brighter stars naturally guide and limit the number of permutations quite surprisingly... Practical use of such automatically would play a hand according to requirement. The not so readily understood... is that ancient man had the exact same tool between his ears as 21st.Century Mr.Vanity - it had the same range potential. To what effect he applied it, or to what depth he tapped it, we can only attempt to imagine... That he possessed good eye-hand co-ordination and observational ability is certain, otherwise we would not have been here.

Throw in super instinct and excellent practical skills, is anyone here really willing to argue he was incapable as a proficient artist. No, of course not - he most likely had other issues demanding of his time. To top it, had the silly ball games been around, he most likely would have outplayed any modern hero you care to mention... Were it possible to time travel, modern man, in small population numbers contemporary with former time, would not cope nearly as well - other than from an armchair contemplation.

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