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I feel like we maybe straying from Darryl's key thesis at this early juncture. So here's a new thread.

Darryl, I had asked you about some of your methodologies but you didn't reply. It's entirely possible that that subject got buried. So here's a new thread, including something you said to gg below.
Maybe you can expand on this, or share some specifics regarding how YOU got better at pk, what kinds of internal changes you felt, or residual effects etc... Ps, if you see glaring typos from me, know it's usually a cell phone thing...

"It's probably best to work up to that. Start by building a skill with an uncovered psi wheel. With practice, you'll start to get a feel for the mental states that facilitate smooth movement, and those that don't. For instance, being preoccupied or frustrated seems to invite failure. But feeling content, clear-headed, and focused on nothing brings success.

In magic, Anton LaVey described a ritual chamber as an "intellectual decompression chamber" - a place to feel and not to think. Thinking is the barrier to success. I take the view that magical rituals and psi techniques are one and the same, beneath the trappings. They are ways to get the rationalising mind out of the way, making room for the magic to occur. "

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