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Quoting Susan:
A principal difference between us is that, in all the years I've been on GH, I have never been upset or worried in any of the discussions I've been involved in. If people agree, or disagree, or present different arguments, that is very interesting because I will respond and await with interest their replies. It has never cost me a moment's anxiety if a thread or topic ends without a conclusion - all the better, since that means there is more to talk about later. If at any time I had let it get under my skin or cause me upset, I'd have left. The whole enjoyment of being involved in discussion is being involved.


So you did not "weep" when you read about the paranormal?
And you are really taking part in the discussions with everybody by sending a PM?
Your passive agreement is more like a passive disagreement, and so much for your discussions. Right up at the start you backed out when you noticed a disagreement in spite of you liking the criticisms of the church. And then you wept.
How can anybody weep without being upset. Crocodile tears maybe?

Susan Doris Wrote:

To me it seems you are more lecturing about
> your brand of philosophy and always wanting
> scientific explanations on everything.
> How you perceive and think about my posts is your
> problem, not mine!

That is not discussing.
> Again, your definition of discussion is not my
> problem.

And there has not been one AOM in the years
> I have been here that you have liked.
> That is incorrect, but I can't remember off hand
> the artist/author's name. And that does not mean I
> agreed with his views on the non-natural.

Maybe this one because he criticises the
> Christian belief. Then, to your horror - makes you
> weep, remember? - he believes in the paranormal,jn
> because he has experienced it with his own eyes
> and mind and body.
> So, you have to correct him so he can join you
> fully.
> Would you prefer hypocritical, passive agreement
> and no challenge/request for more convincing
> substantiation?
> Susan

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