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First I will say for myself that I prefer goodness over evil. I am a stickler for happy endings. First of all for other people that we read or hear about. It makes my day if everything goes good for them in the end. For myself, I am quite happy with everything and love challenges and have had many victories in life, just small ones, very happy to not being famous.
As said many times, I also know that prayers have worked for me, when really needed, but to whom or how and all that I have no real idea. Maybe some spirits. Drop that for now.

Prayers: Larry Dossey has a book that makes me happy "One mind" and another one called "Careful what you pray for, you might just get it" and it makes me laugh, but it goes into a lot of detail of what we are discussing right here. Prayers can also be curses. Even if the ones saying them think they are good people.
Then he also mentions how the bible has it that the Jewish God says everything comes from him, both good and evil, so there you are. You fondness for Satan is also the fondness for God. Carl Jung and several other famous people have said they could not imagine anything worse than complete harmony. I sort of agree. In between our struggles it is nice just sometimes to be able to relax without any worries. I have such a moment right now, with a cup of coffee, but it won't be long before the usual shit happens! Ok, I will fix it, I am a fixer and love it when I get it right, and that has up till now always worked out, since I am so, so stubborn.

Larry Dossey also mentions black holes, how they absorb everything. Makes me shiver. Do they also swallow our souls? I think they are supposed to also swallow light.
I have thought of good and evil in a way where one small candle or match stick dispels darkness, but maybe it is different with black holes.

Whatever, I will try as long as I can to believe in love over hatred. A friendly word instead of a snear and bullying, a smile. I live in a smaller place, and everybody seem so friendly when I go shopping. Not so in bigger cities.

I should order your book now. A pity I can't get it on kindle. I want everything NOW!

All the best, GG.

Darryl Sloan Wrote:
> greengirl5 Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > So why all the evil? Does there have to be
> evil?
> > Who is doing the evil? Well, a lot of humans
> are,
> > but there are also germs and defects. Could it
> > maybe be true, about reincarnations and
> learning
> > the hard way that love is the only answer?
> There is so much in there that I would love to
> unpack. I will try to summarise some thoughts.
> What we call "evil" is present on every fractal
> level of reality, from germs at war in a drop of
> water, right up asteroids colliding with planets
> and stars going supernova. Here on the
> creature-to-creature level, it manifests as a
> creature's will to survive by taking energy from
> another living thing. This is why I don't
> subscribe to notions of universal love. Because
> I'm deeply aware of this principle of nature. For
> you to live, something else must give. All life is
> tribal, and this is natural. A great deal of
> spirituality is deeply unrealistic about life, and
> I've tried to counterbalance this in my own book.
> It was interesting for me to study Eckhart Tolle
> (fairly typical non-duality teaching) alongside
> Anton LaVey (atheistic Satanism). Satanism was
> deeply realistic about the slings and arrows of
> life in a way that Tolle was not, but it had
> flaws, too. And for me, the task was to find the
> sweet spot.
> Darryl

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