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I will be happy to define the words "spiritual" and "divine". However, these are words which are used in abstract and subtly different manners by many religious faiths, so you should probably direct your frustration more to the world at large than to me. So ... "Spiritual" is an opposing word to "material". We use it as a way of subscribing to the view that reality consists of more than what is merely tangible to creatures. What that hidden aspect consists of varies from belief to belief. Some say there are spirit beings, an astral plane, etc. I have no firm belief in such. I use it in the sense that consciousness has a metaphysical foundation. It's a phenomenon that hasn't ever been understood via reductive materialism. Similarly, I use "divine" in the sense that reality is deeper than just space-time. I look at the Big Bang singularity and I don't impose the laws of nature upon it, because the laws of nature are what came out of it (see my AOM essay for more).
Thank you for your reply.

Dean Radin has undertaken a massive amount of research, mostly using meta-analyses. Psi effects tend to be small and experiments prone to failure. But a meta-analysis allows for a statistic to be drawn on the probability of psi vs. chance expectation. The results consistently favour psi. All of this is heavily documented.
Yes, and quite well criticised too!

The reason why mainstream science hasn't embraced psi phenomena is not because they don't exist, but because most scientists reason from within a paradigm where they *can't* exist.
The scientist whose talk I attended yesterday is certainly not one of those.

And unless an experimenter is able to checkmate a viewer with a big grand display, like levitating an object, it's very hard to shift the opponents philosophical biases.
That is your, and many others, personal view. One objective fact would do it.

Your position is dangerously close to an argument from popularity, and those are never any good.
And you assume to know my position from a post here?!

Let's remember that two thousand years before Copernicus, the Greek philosopher Aristarchus said that the Earth went around the sun. He was right, but went unheeded for the next two millennia.

But I'm guessing you probably think this is all word salad, and you won't read the research for yourself. You want me to convince you with an anecdote, and that's impossible.

If it matters to you at all, Albert Einstein wrote the foreword to Upton Sinclair's "Mental Radio", a 1930 book on ESP. He thought very highly of the research. In Sam Harris's "Waking Up", the author admits that there is a growing body of research that suggests psi is real.
And if the suggestion turns out to be right, following the scientific method, then it will become factual knowledge. Otherwise it will remain, as all supernatural ideas have so far remained, unknowns and therefore, so far, unable to be observed.

I have been reading all the stuff I could find on all aspects of the supernatural, apparent ETs, etc etc, all my life. When I was young the arguments on the opposing side, which my natural tendency to ask always, ‘Is this true?’ were rare but fortunately in my wide experience of life I found the sceptical side too and, on balance, I’ll take the side every time that does not require 100% faith.

Okay, I’ll now do as I said and stay out of this thread.


ETA Having read GG's post, I am just popping back in to say that it might change whatever image you have of me if you know that I run a weekly tap class for a group of 75-85-year-olds and we dance the Advanced Syllabus plus a variety of other dances including a super routine to the Glenn Miller 'St Louis Blues'!!

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