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greengirl5 Wrote:
> The world we live in today certainly is a big
> change from what it was not long ago, say 100
> years. It might not have changed precisely at the
> new millennium, but changed it has, even in my own
> life span. So, maybe these Mayans knew something!?
> How they knew it is another question.
> GG.

Hi GG, just to be clear, the entire notion that something big was going to happen in 2012, on December 21, 2012, to be exact, was based on highly propagated misunderstandings of what '2012' represented, and propagated by two main forces. In the one corner, you had the New Agers, who took the turning of the Long Count, on that date, to mean various major changes were going to occur on that date - the end of the world, a Second Coming, or whatever. In the other corner, you had the militant skeptics, who took all of those misunderstandings and made them the entire focus of "2012".

Caught in the crossfire, were the real reasons why the LC was a truly remarkable archaeological artifact, on par with the Great Pyramids and the very best that the ancient world has to offer. The facts are as follows: Sometime prior to the birth of Christ, around 2100 years ago, for whatever reason the Mayans were able to track the apparent motion of the Sun, over 20 centuries, to a degree of accuracy exceeding 99.9999 percent, in terms that anticipated Winter Solstice on 2012 and the Sun's location then, over the 'nuclear bulge' of the Milky way which they regarded as the birth place of creation (which is entirely correct, in a local astronomical sense). In addition to this, they constructed a Long Ball court - a Mayan ritual center - in the region of southern Mexico where the Long Count is said to have originated. On the morning of December 21, 2012, the Sun rose over the ball court's targeted end in virtually perfect alignment, which added the 'so below' to the 'as above' targetting of the Sun relative to the Milky Way.

That nothing happened of major consequence on December 21, 2012 is beside the point, since the Long Count is said to be about the turning of a new age. 1618 comes into play for being the final 'baktun' of 13 in the previous 5,000 year cycle. Just as surely as falling leaves in late summer portend the character of autumn, this final baktun is supposed to indicate what the coming global transformation is supposed to be like. 1618 could hardly provide a better thematic hit for what we didn't know in 1618, which was how extraordinarily the scientific age would literally transform the world. By 2012 we knew this, and knew this very well. In other words, for whatever reason, the Mayan Long Count calendar did indeed prove prophetic, and did so long before it turned on December 21, 2012. It validated itself years before the turning, when the late John Major Jenkins outlined the As Above, So Below orientation of the Long Count in the late 20th century.

Who were the Mayans, you ask? My question would be, what is the basis of their knowledge? How can priests who are limited to naked-eye astronomy prove able to track the apparent motion of the Sun so accurately, and prove that point by building a ritual center that targets the December 21, 2012 position so accurately? Therein lies the great mystery, the reason why 2012 was truly interesting- that which got buried in the crossfire between New age fantasy projection and militant skepticism.

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