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Darryl: Now there appeared some more writing about your coming book. You talk about consciousness and mention the goldfish. That is something I have often thought too, or ants in their "cities". I live on a small bush block, so observe ants in order to avoid them, as the Australian ants come in all sizes and sting you! I take notice of where they are, but don't like to destroy them. There was a small ant hill some years ago and I put a sign up calling it "Jack jumper metropolis". Then my son persuaded me to let him poison them, which I did not like, so I changed the sign to "Jack Jumper Necropolis". (A friend of mine is highly allergic to their sting and could die from it, so carries an epi pen I think it is called, to inject herself).

Anyway, these ants, maybe some survivors, now have a different hill, but I just respect them and avoid them. I sit on a bench nearby and think how little they know of my world. Sometimes one of them comes near my shoe, and I make sure it does not gets up higher. I do sometimes get stung, but am still alive.

Do they have consciousness? They must have, but not to the same degree as I. Do my blood cells and others have consciousness? So, you, Radin and many others say that the universe is conscious. A handy, short name for it is God, in English, but not as a man with a throne and beard.
Now, if we use the analogy of the ocean being all there is, a single drop of water is also the ocean, but not if it is thrown up in the air. Then it is a drop of water. It WAS the ocean before.
My own consciousness is also a bit lost as long as it is in my body. It is separated from the whole. People with near death and out of body experiences know something I don't.

Back to the ants. I can't communicate with them, but some people are said to have communicated with their bees! Not sure! We all communicate with our pets, some better than others.
And some are better at it with other humans too. What is easiest - or harder - to communicate up or down the scale of consciousness? People who have had true mystical experiences have seen in all direction at the same time, and also seen inside trees and bodies etc. That is just something I have read, but why should I doubt it, when there are so many accounts of it?

Well, I'd better stop now and take my dogs and myself outside and say hello to the Jack jumpers!


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