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Oooh, getting spooky now!
Well, if Darryl has not invoked any other spirits, it's is probably his own. I personally think it a good idea to always ask for protection if you are going into anything too outrageously paranormal. Drawing drawings should not be dangerous!
But sitting at a ouija board inviting anybody to come, is very, very foolish. I would not go on ghost hunting adventures either. I value my own safe mental space.

I have a glass bowl, and one day I will try that experiment. Years and years ago I threw dice with great success, all my own idea, and THEN I read about the Rhine experiments, not the other way round.
I did it as a challenge to Jesus' claim that with enough faith you could move mountains. I was not completely sure it was the right thing to do, being still influenced by churches, but it turned out OK. Not having any mountains to move I settled for dice!

That is why I believe in Uri Geller. He himself is not sure how he does what he does. I never got around to bend spoons! Enough kids did it, when he was on TV. In those early days in Australia I did not have a TV, or I would have watched it.


Poster Boy Wrote:
> Hi Darryl,
> "I said at the start that I didn’t believe in
> miracles. That’s true. PK appears to work with
> the laws of physics, not above them. My biggest
> achievement was spinning a small piece of
> aluminium foil suspended on a point, beneath an
> upside-down glass bowl.iii That doesn’t sound
> impressive until you record the apparatus for
> seven days straight and observe that the foil
> definitely doesn’t move on its own, despite
> changes in light, temperature, airflow and
> electromagnetism.iv Furthermore, successful PK is
> sometimes accompanied by unusual physiological
> sensations in the body, confirming a direct causal
> connection between the intention of the person and
> the movement of the object."
> How can you be sure, if you are sure, that this
> movement was caused by PK as opposed to an
> observing spirit - the Ouija board idea?

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