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Before the rise of the Euro-Empire that we live in today, Indigenous and tribal societies worldwide held principles that have seemed static to anthropologists and historians, but these same worldviews can be incredibly helpful to us today, to change our thinking patterns and return to sustainability. The current process of adopting pre-colonial thought is known as "neurodecolonization," and the following examples may offer starting points for discussion and action moving forward.

The minds of ALL people who navigate within Empire have been occupied, or colonized, by the memes and values of the Settler State. In today's era of massive change and climate disaster, root causes such as monotheism, imperialism, white superiority, hetero-patriarchy, capitalism, corporatism, resource extraction and binary political systems are rapidly being exposed as outdated frauds. Even if we have learned to thrive within the simulacrum of these human-created systems, the fact remains that Empire is toxic to all life, including our own. The conditioning and domestication we have received over millennia has translated into many artificial beliefs, habits and behaviors. Here is a sampling - what others come to mind?

- placing human entitlement and humancentric needs above Earth Community
- a disconnect from nature and the normalization of urbanity
- control and domination showing up in our own lives with "Me" instead of "We" behaviors
- implicit or overt judgement of people who don't fit the white cisheteropatriarchy ableist "norm"
- intense competition and the "cult of the individual" resulting in narcissism linked to low self-esteem
- measures of personal value situated on a hierarchy of wealth or class
- a reliance on consumerism to provide "fulfillment" with fleeting pleasures, experiences and material things
- developing self-identity from the workplace, commercial enterprises and other disconnects from the real
- a lack of rites of passage, low emotional IQ and infantile behavior throughout the adult years
- a fear of the natural cycles of life such as birth, adolescence, aging and death

The process of neurodecolonization gently challenges the memes of Empire (western thinking) in our individual or collective consciousness, and replaces that ideology or action with pre-colonial, or Indigenous thinking. For ourselves, our families and our communities, the move toward life-enhancing and creative patterns, and compassionate and inclusive solutions, can be a life-long undertaking.

The key thing to remember when engaging with the ongoing neurodecolonization of our psyche is that "humans are not fundamentally flawed creatures. That is a myth perpetuated by industrial capitalism in order to naturalize the behavior of violent imperialists. They are the insane." (Derrick Jensen, Deep Green Resistance, comment on social media)

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