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In my book, Shamanic Qabalah, and most recently in my AOM article for April, I have explored numerous connections between South American shamanic practices (specifically the lineages of pre_incan, Chavin curanderismo) and occult symbolism in the Western Mystery Tradition (Golden Dawn-esque magical practices, Hermeticism, etc. ). The connections are not only plentiful, but seem beyond coincidence. For instance, the Western Mystery Tradition emulates an idea of Three Pillars of manifestation in the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Not only does the shamanic mesa (altar) from Peru is specifically parsed into three vertical matrixes (called campos) but these three fields correlate heavily to the three pillars on the Tree of Life: as symbols, energetically, and even in purpose (in terms of magic/manifestation). Also, there are three Triads in which the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life are grouped, designating three levels or bardos of the creative process (The Supernal, Mental, and Astral Triads). Conversely, South American shamanism expresses three such "worlds" (called pachas) that represent similar levels of consciousness (The Hanapacha, Kaypacha, and Ukhupacha).

As the days go on I find more and more connections that seem beyond coincidence.

Though my book was focused on blending my training of these traditions into a singular whole, my work is leading me ever so strongly in the direction of finding out how these cultures seem so well correlated. I have even uncovered references of Peruvian curanderos (folk healers) identifying their saints and spirits which they pray to as "Cabalists."1 I understand that with Spanish colonialism launching specifically into Peruvian territory by Pizarro in the early-to-mid 1500s, there is an obvious amount of appropriation from the indigenous communities of Catholic iconography. Many shamanic practitioners are indistinguishable from Catholic folk healing. Additionally, medieval Spain (along with Italy) was the center of Kabbalistic and Tarot evolution, so the influences are obviously there.

However, the connections of this shared symbolism exist well before colonialism (see my AOM article for April).

Are there any other pre-Colonial examples others have found connections the mythological spiritual, and cosmological models of Western esotericism, Hermeticism, alchemy, or even Neoplatonism? I am looking to explore this further . . . I do feel that these connections may be indicators of Graham Hancock's notion that at one time an ancient civilization existed which was global and highly advanced, and that shared/global vision from that ancient civilization has cropped up through all of these seemingly disparate cultures around the world. Thoughts?

1. Calderon, Eduardo. Eduardo El Curandero: The Words of a Peruvian Healer (Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1999) p. 84

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