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Hi Michael
Thank you for posting that. It opened the thread about the Egyptians and the Matrix.
I can only give you my personal thoughts.
I broke my back, fully recovered, but was laid, literally, up in hospital. My friend brought me some Tarot cards in,the Spanish Deck, thinking I could pass some time learning the meanings, as I'm that way inclined anyway.However, when I pulled out the Major Arcana Something just flowed out of them. Consequently I had a line of Doctors and Nurses, who had previously told me that they would tie me down if I didn't keep still, day and night for readings. The Tarot taught ME. I remember laying out a spread and all that leapt out was Australia and people not wanting him to go,but he would anyway. It was right. So multiple incidents showed me it isn't always any kind of card by card study. Working with so many people in my job gave me ongoing feedback, and this is how I found that when I read them it is for Right Now, not the months into the future type, probably because I want to know about Right Now.As you know 2 readers will use the same spread of the same cards and I will get short term and they will get long term, and it's accurate. I also sometimes do an overspread of another deck on top of the first deck to test them, and yes, the same cards come up in the same place, or moved on a place.I can also use ordinary cards. The depth to them is sharper e.g. The Jack of Diamonds can represent someone who suffered abuse as a child.
I will NEVER read them for a child or pregnant woman. A work friend sat down by me and I turned her away as pregnant. She insisted that she wasn't, but she found out a week later that she was.People naturally used to say ' HOW can you know this ?', but I DON' just comes through BUT I asked the same question many times. So, re your Egyptians and the Matrix I did think for a long time that this 'Universe' is gone. All we are doing is living the film of the Book of the Life of the Universe backwards.It's like having a Memory in the brain which also has a Forward memory, if you follow me. Not so much what will be will be, more what will be MUST be.
People leave readings uplifted and easier in my experience as the Tarot pinpoints what they may not have considered or realised.
I apologise if I have duplicated, as I didn't read much on the other thread.Oddly enough I have not experienced cynicism either, just curiosity.

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