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Michael, Daniel, here is my resolution of how the Tarot trumps express archetype. It is from Stoneprint Journal 4: The stoneprint tour of London (2018, March.
"Archetypes in numbers, constellations, months, trumps, saints and buildings
Petrarch’s poem cycle of seasonal ‘triumphs’ expressed archetypes in emblematic verses in 1340-1374. Various illustrators added drawings of popularised calendric, mythical, astrological and stereotypical characters in procession. These books were probably models for the 22 Tarot ‘trumps’. Their archetypal meanings were identified from a list of recurrent features in artworks (Furter 2014: Mindprint. and building sites (Furter 2016: Stoneprint). Similar characters appear in rituals and pantheons, as angels, saints or legends. Artists and builders always express them in their fixed sequence, and with their eyes or focal features on an axial grid. Among the best known sets of emblems are heraldry (see Stoneprint Journal 1; Pictish beasts) and various card decks of courts, vocations, ‘chaps’ or constellations. Stoneprint labels could use any of these sets.
For ease of sorting and reading, labels used in images and text start with typological numbers, identical to the Tarot trump sequence, based on Petrarch (Moakley 1956). There were variant totals and sequences of ‘triumphs’ and of trumps, from which the Marseilles deck, in its Milan variant, became popular in the 1300s. Golden Dawn founder SL Mathers and his wife Moina drafted a Cabalistic version in England in the 1700s. Mathers swopped two numbers to fit his system of correspondences; 11 Strength and 8 Justice in Milan, became 8 Strength and 11 Justice in England. His deck was copied by AE Waite and Pamela Smith, published by Rider in 1910. The Rider-Waite deck became popular due to adding pictures to the court and suite cards. Resolution of seasonal and astrological correspondences with the trumps (Furter 2014) demonstrated that Mathers’s swop was a subconscious correction. Type 8 Strength expresses features which we picture in astrology as Scorpius tail, the galactic centre, Ophiuchus (Snake-holder giant), Hercules, and former autumn. Type 11 Justice expresses features which we picture in astrology as Virgo (innocent mother-to-be), under Bootes (Balance), and current autumn.
The tangled history of craft correspondences between months, myths, poems, pictures, constellations, numbers and predictions, demonstrate that archetype maintains itself in nature and culture.
Stoneprint labels use archetypal numbers, adding zodiac constellation names based on Greek and other myths for ease of recognition and memory. Sometimes Western names of decanal constellations (adjacent to the ecliptic) are added, where astrology has a parallel to some features that a character or building also expresses. Myth has many more correspondences, but constellations have a fixed sequence, and are better known. Archetype is traceable in all media, including the sky, but it does not ‘come from’ the sky.| [end quote]

Here is the list of how trumps, months and decans correspond. It is from Stoneprint Journal 6; Rennes le Chateau stoneprint tour (2019, January.;
"Zodiac theories are dead ends
... Science and popular science assume that all correspondences, including symbols, are invented, diffused, learned, and consciously applied. Thus cultures are studied as if they were invented, competing conspiracies, adopting or borrowing some features from one another.
The current study offers evidence of a different paradigm. Individual and collective subconscious compulsion re-express a specific pattern in cultural media. We are hard-wired to ignore this pattern in favour of our egotistical image as ‘creators’ of media and meaning.
Archetype is also in emblems, myths, and constellations
Number, Tarot trump emblems, and calendric myths also express the sixteen archetypes, with a quirk in repetition of number 5. Numbers and trumps from 16 to 31 express higher magnitudes of 1-15, but known Tarot trumps stop at 21. Note that constellations are ecliptic and fixed (see the myth map in Furter 2014; 2016), not precessing celestial ‘signs’.

Type:Magnitude Trump:Magnitude. FUNCTION. Constellation, Hour decan. Label
1:16 Juggler:Tower. BUILDER. Taurus, Auriga/Orion
2:17 Priestess:Star. BUILDER. Taurus, Pleiades
3:18 Empress:Moon. QUEEN. Aries, Triang/CetusTail
4:19 Emperor:Sun. KING. Pisces, Pegasus
5:20 Pope:Judgement. PRIEST. Aquarius, Pegasuslegs
5:21 (Pope):World. PRIEST. Aquarius, Piscis Austrinus
6 Lovers. EXILE. Capricornus, Delphinus
7 Chariot. CHILD. Sagittarius, Cygnus
8 Strength. HEALER. Scorpius tail, Ophiuchus
9 Hermit. HEALER. Scorpius head, Hercules
10 Wheel. TEACHER. Libra, Bootes Corona
11 Justice. WOMB. Virgo, Bootes
12 Hanged. HEART. Leo, Coma, Crater
13 Death. HEART. Leo, Ursa, Hydra
14 Time. MIXER. Cancer, Ursae, Hydra
15:0 Devil:Fool. MAKER. Gemini, Ursa Minor, Canis."

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