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hello Daniel and welcome
Theories of the origins of the tarot vary greatly. The cards in their present forms seem to be a medieval creation, although the images and designs are much older. The bibliotheque national in Paris has 17 ornate cards, 16 of them tarot trumps. Its believed gypsies brought the tarot with them in their long track from India, via the middle east in 1781 when Egypt was seen as the source of all knowledge. Antone Cort Gebelin, a French Protestant clergyman who became fascinated with the occult, believed the cards contained the secrets of the priests of Egypt, the lost Egyptian magical wisdom written by Thoth.

Eliphas Levi says from his book magic, the origin of the tarot is lost and no one knows where or when it was invented but everything leads us to believe that it is of indo -tantric origin and modified among ancient nations.

Eliphas Levi made the first connections between the tarot and the cabbala. He believed that through the merging of the tarot and kabbala he discovered a powerful source of knowledge and magik. By linking the 22 major arcana cards with the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and each possessed inherit, esoteric, significance he strongly believed that it was still possible to aquire knowledge through the tarot including wisdom associated with the kabbala and the bible.

To Levi the tarot was the entire world. He once told associates that if he were ever imprisoned regardless of how many years the only "book he would need is a pack of tarot cards.
Could the cards predict the future

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