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You know, I wonder whether you expected a sort of meek, rather woolly, ‘Oh, I suppose she might be right’ set
of responses to your book here on AoM?

So, in the face of all that is happening around us, how do YOU hit the reset switch?
By seeing reality as it is, not through rose-tinted spectacles. By learning about reality, life the universe and everything from people who have studied it, produced Theories which have stood up to challenge and have been amended and improved as necessary, by benefiting from a lifetime of reading a just about equal number of factual and alternative history/geography/lost tribes/etc/etc books, by listening to, and enjoying fiction for what it is, by being clear about what is fact and what is fiction, and where the area of don't knows is and belongs; and by checking to see whether claims and statements offered as realities actually have any objective validity.

I am, it appears, very fortunate that my one-and-a-half functioning coronary arteries are, in fact functioning! I am very grateful to the medical knowledge, gained and increased by humans, that enables me to have the time I am having. It is possible, though veryunlikely, that I shall still be around until I’m ninety, but in the meantime I value every day and do not waste any time on worries about it. I give my gratitude to those people who, throughout human existence have acquired and accumulated knowledge and have brought us to the present, where there is a huge and increasing wealth of knowledge about how all life has evolved. What possible advantage could there be in deluding myself into believing there is some spirit guiding me?

If there ever were to be such a thing that was tested under the scientific method, then it would become part of our knowledge base. The chances of this happening are as near 0 as can be – unless of course you can show otherwise


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