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As the previous discussions have been getting a bit rancorous I thought I post another topic up for comment!

Shamans, particularly in tribal settings, keep a focus on balancing the need of of the human members of their communities with the natural world. They also make offerings to nature to feed the spirits, but also to offer their gratitude. Indeed, gratitude is a central feature of a shaman’s life.

We’ve learned (through thousands of medical studies and through the Institute of HeartMath’s research) that gratitude is a healing force. Not only is the feeling of gratitude beneficial for the one having the feelings, they have been shown to positively alter the internal environments of other people, animals and even plants around them. It apparently initiates healing responses and hits a hormonal “reset button” reducing cortisol and adrenaline while raising DHEA.

I certainly start my days being grateful and make sure that I stay with the process until I am truly FEELING gratitude. It is one way I can offer healing and balance throughout my day, especially when I’m out and about doing errands, etc.

So, in the face of all that is happening around us, how do YOU hit the reset switch?


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