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"In Eastern traditions, the ultimate truth, substance, and mystery of being are believed to transcend all description, all naming, and all categories. In this way, the ultimate Divine is beyond any anthropomorphic understanding or behavioural depictions. At the same time, this animating creative energy, which the Upanishads declare as being beyond our knowing (“There, words do not reach”) is also recognised as the ultimate reality of our being. Therefore, Eastern philosophies, religions, and practices are focused on assisting an individual to realise and experience their self as an aspect of the mystery that transcends any individual perception of self. This awareness suggests that nothing is separate from the ultimate Divine that infuses everything. In other words, each being is a manifestation of 'that which is' "

Welcome to the board, Evelyn!

I entirely agree with this statement, from your essay, based on direct experience. We were just chatting about it the other day on another board here, which I referred to as the "void".

I find it remarkable, how often the term "manifestation" arises in association with this topic or destination. When I was there, or when I merged with there - better, imo - one of the first things I observed was that this Void, this Brahman, this Cosmic Cauldron et. al. was entirely beyond description and all manifestation, while also the all-permeating source of all manifestation. These strangely recurring features, along with the conclusions about oneself that one arises upon having this experience, convince me that they are describing what happened to me much earlier in life.

Good to know that others have seen the same thing. As I was saying in that other post, I believe my trip to or merging with the Void to be a Fated event. The memory of all that implies has been imprinted in my mind since, but all of this time I have figured that my access to the Void is rather sealed off. This is a separate issue, of course. In recent years, what with all of this talk about shamanism, I now wonder if there is a way back from the ground-up. I'm too lazy to try getting there via meditation every day (if only because I know I'm going back there when I die, anyway).

I'm wondering if you can elaborate on this, from a shamanic point of view. It is one thing to connect with spiritual realms or astral realms. That is very interesting but it's not the final destination. What you describe above is. Can you access it yourself? How might shamen facilitate such a journey, if they do?

Regards, Mark


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