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I left comments on your last three posts. I hope you forgive me for my late disvovery of your mission. My mission is consciousness and its influence on matter, either as a symbiote or an instigator. Which shall it be? I study the brain among all of the other books in my library. It is near impossible to identify the Mental in scientific circles, even though the implications are astronomical. History is wrought with mental "influence" in the magical communities. Just about every book ever written is an influence of the brain/mind. The mental is addressed by many inquirers of the occult. It is stupendous that such a fact is slightly regarded by some. The "strictly scientific" mentality is awash with technicalities that cannot perceive the obvious influence of consciousness.

Your book is a welcome addition to the consciousness factor in the very ancient acclimation of beingness and interpreter practice of shamanism. Without the shaman, proper, there would not have been the advancement of society at all. Though I do not apply a biological additive toward the shamanistic paradigm, I am in full disclosure of the fact of "biological instruction" by shamans.

It is enough to consider the possibilities of INSIGHT, INTUITION, DISCOVERY, and INSTRUCTION, by the shaman in the ancient, and not so ancient societies (Greece, Roman and others). It is amazing how far from the tribal experience most modern people live.

Perhaps a Global realization is due. Your book, if I understand it correctly, should reawaken people to their tribal ancestry.

Thankyou for your efforts,


You should dissolve all discrimination of individuality and absorb all things into a harmonious oneness.
The virtue of a highly evolved being embraces all people and things and dispels the darkness which isolates them.

Hua Hu Ching-primary lesson.

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