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In northeast America historians categorize all ancient indigenous inhabitants as "hunter gatherers", however this is actually a misnomer. In areas where land and water travel corridors converged, like the Hudson River valley, offering ready access to sustainable resources, permanent habitation centers were established. Population centers arose in these areas, which provided for spiritual, agricultural, educational and commerce activity to take place continuously from paleo-time up through European contact. And, with an apparent scientific understanding of the movements of the Sun, Moon and stars, whoever they were, they developed all the sophisticated elements of a "civilization."
When the Europeans arrived, and yes, population were already in decline due to what Alfred Crosby termed "the Columbian Exchange",
it was easy for them to say "this is ours for the talking" because these "savages" never invented the wheel or a written language...what I call a convenient untruth which gave the new settlers cart blanche to take whatever they wanted.
So, what does actually make a "civilization?"

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