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In a previous book The Mystery of Skara Brae, my focus was on reasons to believe that Neolithic Orkney, in Northern Scotland, served as an instructional center for agriculture, astronomy and cosmology. The most immediate reason for thinking so rests with a series of megalithic sites, built to human scale, whose shapes recreate a virtual alphabet of stages of how matter forms, as the Dogon describe them. The sites are thought to be ancestral to the later stoneworking tradition in the lower UK, and in 2016 the BBC produced a documentary that framed Orkney as a place where as-yet-unspecified but significant things must have been occurring from around 3200 to 2600 BC

The Maori culture mythically established a similar temple-based school of instruction at the temple
of Wharekura, which was later adopted as a model and replicated in the form of Maori village schools . In his dictionary entry for the term Wharekura, Edward Tregear writes that it was “a kind of college or school in which anciently the sons of priest-chiefs (ariki) were taught mythology, history, agriculture, astronomy, etc.” It was understood that the Wharekura temple was situated far to the east of New Zealand and tradition also held that there was a Wharekura temple in an ancestral land known as Hawaiki.

The Dogon tradition is that they also benefited from instruction in ancient times at a remote mythical locale.

One thrust of my book Decoding Maori Cosmology is to test the extent of correspondences among the three perspectives on the attributes of this commonly-shared notion of a mythical school.

- Laird

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