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I have just been reading the article. Very interesting. When I was a child, my siblings and I were taken to Stonehenge and at that time there were no restrictions. I always had loved reading about ancient people so thought it was amazing to be standing where its makers had stood all those thousands of years before. Amazing, the amount of effort, energy and time spent all over the world to build stone structures. The human species simply cannot help asking questions – and then, luckily for us, doing their best to find the answers. I started reading the other day a book about the pioneers of weather forecasting and the first part is about Francis Beaufort, he of the wind scale; always the urge to find out why.

I note that you mention the fact that the loer Gobekli Tepek sp) structures are more sophisticated than the upper ones. I have seen this referred to before and the thought occurs to me that perhaps those who were later given the tasks involved would have already thought the whole thing through a bit more and couldn’t justify to themselves the carrying out of all that work to the same standards , because it would only subsequently be buried again. Yes, that sounds a bit flippant, but actually I mean it as a serious point.

You later mention that a new stone circle venture might occur in modern times, but I strongly disagree. There may be enough people with enough unlimited funds to want it done, but who is going to see the point of carring out such tasks, simply to pander to some rich eccentric’s whims? The environmentalists, the farmers, and many others would protest, and rightly so,especially since that money really could be spent more wiselyand no-one would believe that the job would be continually financed and maintained throughout the lives of the builders and their families if the work was commissioned to be performed as in the past.

You also mention the ‘power of the ancients’. Could you explain what you mean by this?


ime Lagter copies less god because they couldn’t see the poin

Power of the ancients
More built today hmmm

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