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Thanks eyeofhorus for responding to my post.

I am not sure about the Wedge of Aiud – but what I read on it said it was made of aluminium. If that is true then a tooth from an excavator would not be made of soft metal like aluminium.

Also I am not sure whether all rocks are molten when forming. I know there is a chemical reaction with cement when it hardens but it is only hot for a short time and it would not combust a wooden hammer handle.

This however is not my point. It is very likely that there will be explanations for some of the artefacts and mysterious buildings we cannot currently explain – yet many will remain unresolved. For the artefacts and mysterious building that do not yield to rational enquiry we need to find a model that can explain them.

I do not find either the ‘visited by aliens’ or the ‘ancient civilisation that got wiped out by a catastrophe’ theories convincing. If it were aliens then why did they carve the unfinished obelisk at Aswan and the Olmec heads in Guatemala, build pyramids, leave behind a 30-million-year old mortar and pestle at Table Mt. California and a metal cog in 300-million-year old coal in Russia etc. etc. etc? And if there was a technologically advanced ancient civilisation that got wiped out in a catastrophe 12,000 years ago then they would likely have advanced through the same (or similar) developmental process as we have done. Thus there would have been migration all around the world with bridges, roads and multi-story buildings and indisputable evidence of their existence – not building and artefacts that do not make sense.

Thus I opt for the ‘earth is a living biological entity’ theory. A model that holds life on earth is part of a universal living entity makes more sense to me. We know our bodies carries DNA from our ancient past that is occasionally expressed. So, if earth is a living entity, why would we be surprised if we observe a crossover between our civilisation and civilisation that exist in other parts of the universe, at different times and in other spatial dimensions? Moreover, as with the expression of vestigial organs, we should expect such anomalies to occur.

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