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Racho wrote;
“Because you were there, I hope you can confirm for me please.”

Do you think, if Hugh visited the Giza Plateau he would suddenly know how the pyramids were built? Or if he visited the Aswan Quarries in Egypt he would be able to explain how a 1,200 tonne megalith was carved out of solid granite – and how ancient man intended to lift and transport it?

We are all held to planet earth by gravity but we do not understand it – or what rotates us on earth’s axis every 24 hours and keeps us orbiting the sun every 365 days.

If we are emphatic that there must be an explanation for these mysteries, then why not also demand an explanation for unexplained biological processes? For example:

A human cell has about 2 meters of DNA.

DNA molecules have a width of about 2.5 nanometres - a nanometre is one billionth of a meter.

The nucleus of a human cell has a diameter of 5 micrometres - a micrometre is a millionth of a meter.

To get a better picture of these dimensions we can multiply by a million. The DNA now has a width of 2.5 mill and is 2,000 kilometres long. 1,000 kilometres having written out on it the 3.1647 billion nucleotides on the maternal copy of DNA – the other 1,000 kilometres the 3.1647 billion nucleotides on the paternal copy. All this must fit inside the nucleus of the cell which, after multiplying by a million, has a diameter of 5 metres.

Now let’s shrink it all back to its original size and contemplate the process of cell division, how the cell codes for protein, how each cell knows what to code for – processes that happen millions of times in our bodies every second.

I guess, what I am saying, is that most of what we are involved with will yield to logic. If for example; a house is built then someone built it – if it falls down then there is a reason why it fell. With biology, with our planet earth, and with mysterious ancient buildings and artefacts – there are no explanations.

It is my belief that our planet, its geology, its mysterious ancient buildings and its artefacts, are biological. And thus I do not expect we will be understanding any of these processes soon. My recommendation is to wait until someone can explain cell division – then ask them the resolve the question of stone circles and megaliths.

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